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How It Works

You’ll receive leads
every day from us

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How It Works

You’ll receive leads every day from us

What May You Expect From Us?
Count on us to deliver what we promise.
Over time, our management team has spent more than $10,000,000 to generate leads through our network of websites and banner ads in conjunction with any or all of TV, radio, print and/or online with Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo Pay Per Click (PPC), Banner Ads, Video Ads and running Facebook campaigns. In addition, our team has more than 30 years of experience in the auto parts business. With vast experience, we can generate thousands of fresh leads every weekday for body shops, repair shops and consumers searching for new, used or rebuilt engines, transmissions, truck beds, auto parts and body parts. You can definitely count on us to deliver what we promise every day!

What We Expect From You

A Long-Term Solid Relationship
We are primarily interested in long term relationships. For us to want a long term relationship with you and your company, We have a few basic but critical criteria that will motivate us to provide you with leads for the long term:

  1. Communication. We expect good, clear and timely communication from you and are committed to provide you the same. Email is the most efficient way to communicate with us.
  2. Consistency. Regardless of how many leads you buy or whether you want to increase the volume of leads you purchase in any month, we want recurring business with you monthly without pause or interruption;
  3. Prompt payment. For whatever volume of leads you purchase, we expect payment two (2) business days before the 1st of each month, so that your wire, ACH or Zelle transfer will post to our account before the 1st of the month, which enables us to send you leads on the 1st business day of the month.

    Payment. Once you select which package of leads you want to buy, you should promptly send us payment, which is required in advance of you receiving any leads, by wire transfer, ACH or Zelle.

    If you send your payment by wire transfer or ACH, send to:

    Bank Name: Chase Bank
    ABA Routing: 083000137
    Account Name: Elevant Leads LLC
    Account No.: 510219220

    If you want to send your payment by Zelle, send to:
  4. Respect. Your word and reputation are very important to us. We expect that you operate ethically in the way you do business with your customers. We must be assured by you that you will deliver to your customers whichever parts they order from the leads that you purchase from us. Further, we are selling you our leads expecting that you will directly contact the customers and offer them the parts they are searching for and not resell our leads to third parties without our prior written consent. In exchange, you may count on us to deliver what we promise and to deal with you fairly and ethically.

Contact Us

Call us at 855-340-4321 or complete the form below to learn how Elevant Leads can grow your business.