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Our Legal Marketing Process

We get consistent results.

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Our Legal Marketing Process

We get consistent results.

Legal Case Origination
At Elevant Leads we consistently achieve significant marketing results and help law firms grow. Through methodical testing and the use of best-in-class technology to manage and analyze campaign data, we predictably drive results for our law firm customers.
Our legal marketing process starts with understanding our customers’ target clients by building a marketing profile. We leverage our relationships and experience to produce targeted leads. Through frequent optimization our legal case origination process yields well-suited leads.

Consistent Results In Five Simple Steps

Know the Product

To advertise effectively it’s essential to know the product or service that is being marketed, its features, strengths, and weaknesses. To gain this knowledge our team spends time with our clients learning the ins-and-outs of what they are selling. Through this process Elevant Leads starts building our plan.

Know the Competitors

Learning about the competitive landscape and how our client’s products and services compare both actually and perceived by current and future buyers is woven into our initial research. We also develop an archive of where and how competitors are advertising in the space, giving us insights to be the most effective.

Who Are the Current Buyers

The Elevant Leads team spends time creating a current buyer profile, including their demographics, habits, likes and dislikes. This is partially based on what we learn and our own collective experience for each new market we venture into. Our goal is to do a better job of targeting and communicating with more of the same type of buyers resulting in upwards growth for our clients.

Who Do We Want As Future Buyers

Predicting and communicating to future prospective buyers is how we achieve the serious marketing growth. By tapping into new markets we propel our clients and help redefine marketing and sales goals.

Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking up new and better methods of communicating starts with the right messaging that speaks to current and future buyers about the value proposition associated with our client’s products and services. By combining what we learn about our client’s products and what our experience tells us drives the right messaging.

Exploring Different Mediums

Coming up with creative content and messaging also means doing so across different mediums, such as social media, imagery, news, and other innovative formats that touch buyers where and how they are open to hear about our client’s products.

You Do The Math

One of the tricks to advertising effectively, is that there are no tricks. Good old fashioned testing and tuning is a critical component of every marketing advertising campaign. Through all of the process steps we start our testing with a good idea of the right answer, reducing wasted time and expense, which saves our clients money.

We Never Stop Testing

Throughout all the campaigns we manage there is a testing protocol. We execute constant and creative testing of messaging and placement to challenge ourselves and the further our learning our our client’s future buyer base.

Data Is Strength

Effectively collecting data and maintaining it smartly equals strength in our digital world. Understanding how product data correlates to buyer profile data, and when and how this is most efficiently deployed gives the Elevant Leads team an incredible edge for our clients.

Proper Data Analysis Is Power

With marketing and advertising costs being one of the largest expenses a growing firm incurs, it’s critical that each inquiry is handled quickly and treated with white glove service. We understand that ads must run when they are most effective. To understand how these factors intersect we invest time into data analysis. Rather than guess what works, incurring wasted time and expense, we are able to focus your dollars for maximal results.

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